Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies in India 2023

outsourcing company in india

CapStonePlanet Team had high caliber individuals support our implementation project and day-to-day operations. Experts in the Financial Services industry and arena to drive process improvements. I always feel highly supported by the team leads and I really appreciate their attentiveness and team quickly understood how our platform worked and now delivers great customer service all around.

  • Wipro has a strong presence in the US and Europe, and it offers a wide range of services, including application development, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.
  • This urged Cisco to establish its second-largest research and development facility in Bangalore.
  • Harish and Kishan were very professional and nice during the whole process.
  • The top 10 outsourcing firms in India are examined in this article along with the services they provide.
  • With such talent potential, you are more likely to find a freelance Indian programmer or an IT outsourcing company offering quality software solutions for your needs.

Even though we are based in India, we have established our footprint on a global platform to help businesses all over the world. Let our experts handle the non-core tasks while you focus on your core competencies. Get in touch now and unlock the potential of outsourcing for your business success. Contact BharatLogic today and discover how our tailored solutions can drive efficiency, cost savings, and growth for your organization. Identify the specific tasks or services you want to outsource and determine the expected outcomes and deliverables.

Lucenta Solutions Technologies Pvt Ltd

But many companies think that their software development projects might get assigned to unskilled professionals, resulting in low quality of work. As the outsourcing vendors start having an upper hand in the outsourcing relations, there would be an increasing rise in standardizing services. The outsourcing trends in 2020 showed more emphasis on having 8 questions answered about electronic check payments custom services that suited the project needs. As companies need quicker digital solutions for their business, they’ll be looking to get standardized services. Such services would not just give them a faster time to market but also lower their development cost. Outsourcing to India means the freedom to scale your teams as and when required.

Azilen Technologies is a product development company specializing in managing the entire product life cycle. Focaloid is a globally renowned digital consulting firm that has been successfully collaborating with several companies across the globe. Grazitti has strategic partnerships with technology pioneers like Marketo,, Alteryx, Adobe, and Optimizely. They have worked for several Fortune 500 companies including the top 4 technology brands in the world. Signity Solutions always create and distribute industry oriented mobile and web content to all their consumers via an in-house development team as well as market aggregation. One of the most popular things to outsource to India is software development.

What work you can Outsource to an Outsourcing Company

According to the India Skill Report 2021 by Wheebox, 48.27% of IT talents who took their employability test scored above 60%, making them highly employable. Besides, other operational costs like office space rent, electricity charges, etc., are relatively less expensive in India. The average annual salary of a software engineer in the US according to is USD 91,900, while in India, it’s around INR 366,000 (4,796 USD). When you consult with an Indian IT firm for your development needs, you’ll come across different types of engagement models to choose from. Many western companies feel that by outsourcing to India, their IT rights and confidential information might be at risk. As you can clearly see outsourcing to India has many advantages over building an in-house team, thus no wonder why this practice has become so prevalent.

outsourcing company in india

However, if you hire professionals from India, you can rest assured you are getting help from someone whose core competency is booking, and that it is significantly less expensive. The results reflect astoundingly on the skyrocketing online sales & customer satisfaction of over 200 renowned global brands DeskMoz has been working with. Plaxonic also focuses on maintaining consistency when it comes to offering high quality services.

Why outsourcing services have become popular ?

Axis Bank, which has a 1,000-member-plus technology team, has been addressing the talent war by hiring people from smaller towns to work remotely. “When we started hiring freelancers under our GIG-A programme, we realised there are some countries where talent is available extensively. We also realised there is enough talent available in Tier II and Tier III cities. Hence, we are not in a hurry to explore talent from across borders,” says Rajkamal Vempati, Axis Bank’s Head of Human Resources. Despite skyrocketing salaries and the struggle to retain talent, IT firms and banks—the biggest utilisers of the country’s technology talent—deny that they are looking to hire employees from overseas. They have teams of highly trained professionals who understand and deliver as per your requirements.

outsourcing company in india

Xeam provides best-outsourcing services to clients in search of professional candidates. The skilled team of Outsource2India is an expert in presenting voice-based services to medium-to-large organizations across a broad spectrum of industries and verticals. You are more than a client at CMARIX; you are a valued partner in their quest of technological greatness. Discover seamless IT outsourcing services tailored to your requirements, making CMARIX a must-have among India’s best IT outsourcing companies. The company has a team of over 250 experienced software engineers, equipped with a diverse skill set and deep domain expertise.

Serve Team

Several Fortune 500 firms, including Chevron, Mitsubishi, and Avaya, are among LTI’s clientele. Numerous consumer comments praising the business’s superior services, creativity, and dependability have been submitted. The business has a long history and has made a name for itself as one of India’s top outsourcing firms. Numerous customer testimonials attest to the professionalism and high quality of the company’s services. Infosys has continuously been praised for providing high-quality services and satisfying customers.

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