The New Era of Business Software and Reporting

When you hear "business software" or "reporting" you may think of binders filled with charts, spreadsheets, and footnotes. Or perhaps conference rooms crammed with executives slogging through slide presentations. What's missing from these images is the opportunity to create value for your business.

This is changing thanks to some of the digital technologies that are reshaping the future of reporting. Machine learning and cognitive tools will be able to take over a lot of the repetitive work involved in gathering data, making reports, and disseminating reports. This leaves humans free to pursue more exciting tasks.

Usage-based pricing is yet another way to help teams to make use of their current data faster and more effectively. This method allows businesses to better connect the value of data to their spending, by reducing cost to access it.

To compete in the Age of Connected Work, software companies must rethink the fundamentals that guide how they build, distribute and sell their products. Winners in this new era will evolve what it means to be product-led in the truest sense of the term They'll utilize their products as engines for acquiring customers retention, expansion, and acquisition. This will require a new tactical focus and a willingness to expand "as-a service" offerings beyond fees for membership. It will also require incorporating PLG principles into the way they design, construct and deliver their products. To keep ahead of the pack, companies will have to build a complete ecosystem that includes strategy, stewardship, and architecture, along with governance, which will make use of data.

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