Each study was examined for relevant themes that could answer the research objectives. The following Table 1 summarises the findings with a summary of the themes. The total number of articles included in this review was eight. Most of the studies examined were qualitative, cross-sectional or narrative reviews [28–30].

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  • It is a tough environment in which to receive large refugee populations.
  • Even for those in school, the pandemic, its closures, and economic impact make accessing online education very difficult, encouraging more dropouts.
  • "I used to imagine her at home, surrounded by children and family… but today I hope that her wedding will be in heaven."
  • I would highly recommend Anna's book to any reading my review.
  • I wanted to be shown why she was so completely ready to give up her husband.

I was expecting great life, great joy and great welcoming”. It also recommended raising awareness of the consequences of early marriage among refugee communities. These consequences include an increased risk of pregnancy-related complications for girls, as well as worse health and economic outcomes for themselves and their children. Syrian babes are not frivolous just like women from Western countries. Each Asian beauty wants to find a man to take care of their future children. The vast majority of Syrian brides are looking for wealthy men but you do not have to always be a billionaire to draw her attention.


To make things more interesting, the guests then wrap the couple’s henna fingers with either gold or money. Being neighboring countries, Lebanon and Syria share a similar outlook toward marriage as they have the utmost respect and consider marriage as a cornerstone of society. Interestingly, both these cultures commemorate the sacred institute of marriage in different ways.

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The gorgeous Syrian woman is one of the most stunning of Arab females and this is not just a stereotype! Syrian brides are mostly recognized by at this source their light skin, luxurious dark hair and deep, dark eyes. Syrian women in larger cities wear Western clothing and nearly always wear high-heeled shoes. Modern Syrian women are more free-minded; they drive, take public transport on their own, go out to eat at restaurants, work, study, etc.

Motives for child marriage amongst Syrian refugee communities in Jordan and Lebanon

The Druze religion prohibits polygamy, and demands women’s full consent to marriage; however, it strictly prohibits its men to marry women from different community or religion, and vice versa . A person who violates this law is banned to be eliminated and outcaste out of the community. Among refugee girls currently between ages 15 and 17, some 24 per cent are married. As long as it is illegal to date beautiful Syrian women in their native country because of military actions, it is recommended either to travel to the country with lots of Syrian immigrants or consider online dating. Most beautiful Syrian women learn from early childhood to always tell the truth. However, it does not mean that Syrian brides will kill you by saying offensive words even if they represent the truth.

Since for Syrian wives, a man is the head of the family, he should be in charge of making decisions. So, you may understand that confidence plays an invaluable role for hot Syrian women. If you want to find and marry one, you should definitely make sure that you are confident. They can read numerous articles about their features and personality traits.

This implies rather strict traditions and daily rituals, such as a 5-time a day payer or peculiarities in having their meals. A day if the wedding ceremony may be very long and may last up to 24 hours.

There were two studies that adopted a mixed-methods approach, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data . Of the eight studies discussed, five related to the motives behind child marriage . Three studies focused predominantly on reproductive rights-related challenges including access to contraceptives and their use .

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