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The IT industry is expanding worldwide, with over one million staff already working in the sector. There are job opportunities with IT companies and software houses throughout the UK. A company car or car allowance, a mobile phone and laptop may also be included as part of your salary package. In a large company, you may be more of a technical expert, while in a smaller one you’re likely to combine technical advice with an all round sales role. In sales, that can mean extreme employee turnover, challenges achieving employee satisfaction, and a greater need to identify and reward top performers. And while a CEO could try to juggle running the company and the sales team, they’d quickly find that this isn’t scalable.

What tasks does an IT sales manager have

So in order to remain relevant, you and your sales team must be ready to engage clients online. It’s little details like this that make a big difference in not just sales efficiency, but increasing customer satisfaction too, demonstrating just how important the role of IT in sales management has become. You can learn much about sales through online courses and demonstrate competency through professional certificates, specializations, and certifications.

Train and mentor sales reps

But perhaps the most important role it plays, especially for field sales, is that of accurate data collection. By increasing the user-adoption rates of front-line technology used by field reps it simultaneously increases the amount of real-time data managers have with which to make accurate business decisions. A sales management position normally demands years of expertise and is not an entry-level post. You can start growing your career after receiving a bachelor’s degree by applying for entry-level sales positions.

Every company has a bunch of key accounts that are too important or too valuable to leave to a newbie. This is why sales managers will typically keep an active watch over these accounts – and step in to help where required. At smaller organizations, they may even take on these accounts themselves. Many sales managers cultivate energetic work personalities, designed to encourage their team and get them to close more deals. The information you receive weekly from your CRM, that guides your decisions around strategy and areas of focus is based purely on the data entered by your field sales team. So again, if the data is of poor quality, entered as an afterthought by a team member at the end of the week the decisions you make off the back of it are going to be of equally poor quality, too.

What job can I do?

Sales managers compare the actual target situation and check whether adjustments need to be made and whether the company achieves the sales targets as planned. Generally, the daily responsibilities of a sales manager can be broken up into six categories, which are listed below, along with related items that they are expected to complete throughout the day. Keep in mind that this is only a peek into a day in the life of a sales manager — it is not, by any means, an exhaustive list.

On average, business development sales managers earn lower salaries than technical sales managers, with a $18,461 difference per year. Sales managers and national accounts sales managers both have job responsibilities that require similar skill sets. These similarities include skills such as "product knowledge," "customer satisfaction," and "crm," but they differ when it comes to other required skills. As a sales manager, you should provide team members with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their roles. You’re responsible for training all agents—from new hires to veterans—on the company’s products, services, sales processes, and techniques (like identifying upselling opportunities).

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Technical sales managers need to understand technical complex challenges and have experience in the industry the company operates. Account executive/sales managers average a lower salary than the annual salary of sales managers. However, you could also be considered for a specialist sales job if you come from a background in designing, manufacturing, or marketing the specific products your team are selling. Salespeople tend to be ambitious, and often your top sales reps will be the most experienced.

What tasks does an IT sales manager have

The position of a sales manager allows you to exercise both creative and analytical skills. You’ll need to be able to correspond effectively with sales team members to communicate the importance of sales processes and inform their daily activities. At the same time, it’s your job to build a comprehensive sales plan, one that pairs your company’s products or services with the right consumers. Sales managers are the leaders that keep sales teams driving towards some of the most ambitious goals in the company.

Want to improve your sales management competencies?

Short-term roles like internships can also give you valuable experience that stands out on your sales resume. In addition to overseeing sales growth, sales managers are responsible for personal and team growth. They must analyze metrics and KPIs to see how the team and individual agents perform. With this data, you can see where your team excels or find coaching opportunities to get agents back on track. To keep your team’s sales skills sharp, you’ll need to lead regular training sessions and encourage your agents to attend in-person workshops and conferences. You’ll also want to schedule one-on-one meetings with agents to gauge their progress, help them through challenges, and improve development areas.

What tasks does an IT sales manager have

All employees want to be paid what they are worth, and to feel valued for their contribution to their company or organisation. Most people certainly wouldn’t turn down the chance to increase their salary. A support worker helps vulnerable people to live happy and independent lives, so it really is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs you could do. To take a computing degree, you should have a minimum of two A levels/three H grades, often including maths or physics, and five GCSEs/S grades (A-C/1-3), or the equivalent. Courses last three or four years full time, or four or five years for sandwich courses.

Careers in sales management

The workplace of a sales manager is dynamic and diverse, often characterized by a combination of office-based tasks, field activities, and interactions with both their sales team and clients. Sales managers typically split their time between various settings to effectively lead their team and drive sales success. In everyday business, sales managers optimize corporate strategies to increase sales.

  • Sales managers need to know not only how to collaborate and work cooperatively with the sales representatives they manage, but with the organization as a whole.
  • You’re expected to create a detailed sales rep job description that attracts top talent.
  • There is a wide variety of sales and marketing courses that Emeritus has to offer.
  • Analysis, coaching, and a strong understanding of sales tactics are critical here.
  • The sales manager role is typically a full-time position, with some companies requiring work on evenings or weekends.

Becoming a sales manager undoubtedly takes a lot of work, but if you’re the right sort of person, it will be more than worth it. If you have plenty of sales experience, but little experience in management, you can boost your resume by pursuing a professional management qualification. Sales goals need to be exciting, but they also need to be realistic – consistently failing to hit targets will not be well-received by the board and will quickly de-motivate your team. But if you set them too low, you may be holding back the business’s bottom line.

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