Is it Time For a Tech Audit?

How reliable is the technology your business or company relies on each day? If you're not sure, it may be time for a tech audit. A tech audit can help ensure that your systems are functioning exactly as they should, and that the data that you keep is safe from cyberattacks that could expose sensitive information.

A tech audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's IT infrastructure which includes its operations and policies. It can reveal possible security risks, as it can help identify ways to improve internal controls. It's a vital element of any company's cybersecurity plan and can be utilized to meet regulatory or certification requirements.

To conduct a technology audit, an expert group with the required qualifications must first prepare a strategy that outlines the scope, timing and other details. The plan should also describe how the findings from the audit will be utilized, and how any enhancements are incorporated into daily business processes.

After the audit is completed, it is important to make sure that the final report is clear and concise. The report should be easily understood by non-technical users and offer an overview of the findings as well as a roadmap for addressing any identified issues. It is important to not just think about the auditing techniques, but as well as the ethical and moral implications.

A QIMA technical audit can be customized to your industry or, with our specialists reviewing the factory's manufacturing standards and providing a risk score to the capabilities of your supplier. This helps ensure that the facility will be able to meet your requirements, whether those are determined by availability, security or the integrity.

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