How to Write a Board Report

A well-written report on the board can assist a committee in its ability to communicate with the board. Making effective reports requires careful review of how to format the content and how best to convey it to ensure that board members have the information they need to make the right decisions on behalf of the organization.

While writing a board report might be difficult for those who aren't familiar with it, with the right method, it's possible to write engaging and informative committee reports that will support informed decision-making and effective oversight. Here are a few of the essential aspects to be aware of when preparing a board report.

1. It is essential to clearly define the goal of your report, according to Barbara Anderson, non-executive director and chair on four different boards. This is crucial to the success of a report on a board because it will inform your busy readers whether you're writing to request for their input, inform them or request a decision.

2. Avoid excessive jargon and technical language, and be clear about the context of the information you are sharing. Board members are juggling a lot and will likely be reading your report ahead of the meeting to form their questions, therefore they must be able to be able to absorb the information quickly and efficiently.

3. Analyze and interpret the data you present. Data alone does not tell a story, it must be presented with analysis and interpretation to provide meaning to the numbers. This will help your board members understand the benefits and challenges facing your company.

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