How to Manage Productive Online Board Meetings

Online board meetings are becoming more commonplace as companies shift to a virtual environment. This new way of conducting business requires a little more discipline than traditional meetings, but it can be equally productive when handled effectively. It's important to set clear expectations from the beginning and to encourage all participants to follow the guidelines.

Keep the discussion focused on the most important issues on the agenda. The agenda should be kept short and divided into 15-minute increments will prevent fatigue and let you efficiently move through each item on the agenda. Incorporating breaks directly into the agenda can also stimulate conversations and encourage participation.

Brainstorming sessions are a great way to stimulate creativity during the meeting and often provide some extremely useful ideas. It's important to ensure that everyone on the team is comfortable speaking up during these types of discussions. It's crucial to listen to team members who are shy or quiet.

After the meeting, make sure that all attendees are reminded about any important follow-up tasks like taking a survey for the board or providing additional data, information or documents requested during the meeting. They can be easily handled using a robust board management software solution that provides for seamless distribution of documents to all attendees.

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