How to Have an Effective Board Meeting

A well-run board meeting is an essential component of good governance, since it offers the opportunity for thoughtful discussion and decision-making that can propel your company forward. It is essential to have a an open and comprehensive discussion, whether it is discussing the strategic goals, program successes and challenges and/or significant legal issues. Board meetings that are efficient and effective will be well-planned and include timely distribution of materials as well as a thorough and informative agenda, and a clear explanation of the procedure for making decisions.

1. Make sure that the agenda for the meeting is made available to all participants prior to the meeting and is easily accessible.

It is impossible for a board to hold an effective board meeting if participants are scrambling for critical materials while they are chatting or, even more important when the material is not made available in advance. This is easily avoidable by disseminating the agenda and all other materials required at three to four days in advance of the meeting.

2. Start the meeting on time.

It is crucial to begin the board meeting on time. Board members are more motivated if they arrive prepared. This can be accomplished by making sure that all relevant documents are included on the agenda, and also by restricting the number of discussions to the items most critical to the meeting. It could also be beneficial to arrange the meeting outside the boardroom, for instance at a site for a program or breakfast, to give some variety and to stimulate new ideas and conversations.

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