How to Conduct Board Meetings Effectively

The ability to run board meetings efficiently and effectively is vital to keep members involved and making the most of their time. Planning ahead is essential to ensure that the meeting begins on time and that board members have the materials they require in advance. Visual aids and presentations are also effective in enhancing engagement and assist in the discussion process. They can provide an easier understanding of complex issues.

Board members bring a wealth of information to the table, and are often experts in their respective fields. But, it's crucial to balance that expertise with a sense of professionalism and the willingness to hear opposing views. This will help everyone connect, and result in productive discussions which lead to productive decisions.

Start the meeting on time

In the case of a virtual board meeting is vital to its efficiency. Starting the meeting on time sets the tone for the whole meeting and ensures that all important issues are addressed.

Check that quorum is present

The presiding officer will call the roll of all attendees at the start of the meeting. This includes staff, presiding officers and other participants. A meeting is not able to be held in the event that a quorum is not present.

Approve the agenda and the previous meeting minutes

The board will review the minutes of the meeting following the approval of the agenda. The board can then review the minutes of the meeting to determine if there are any changes required or if they should be prioritized. Then, the board is able to move to the next piece of business.

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