How CISOs Can Bridge the Gap Between Boardroom Security and the Business World

Security in the boardroom has become an increasingly important issue. With data breaches that have made the news and shareholder proposals that seek to link CEO pay with cybersecurity performance, boards are becoming more focused on this issue. CISOs are faced with the task of interacting with business leaders who may not understand cybersecurity jargon or what information to request.

Cyber risk isn't only the domain of distant tech teams. It's now a major risk for businesses, and boards need to be able understand it. They want to see how their company is performing relative to other peers, and they must be able to make decisions based on clear and quantitative metrics.

It is essential to have the right framework in place, including boards portals that allow for sharing and collaboration that is easy. Your board members no longer be required to communicate via email or other unprotected messaging which makes them more vulnerable to hacks and malware. A board management tool that offers multilayer encryption and secure collaboration helps guard against the majority common threats.

CISOs can also bridge the gap between the worlds of security and business by providing board members with cyber risk statistics in real-time, coordinating security goals with business, and educating board members about cybersecurity nuances. This will enable security teams to have more productive conversations with their business counterparts and ensure that there are clear lines of communication between the two.

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