Gatechain Token Price Today GT Price Prediction, Live Chart and News Forecast

Other than the DEX it provides, Gatechain creatively solves two safety issues, including 1) how to recover stolen digital assets and 2) how to find lost private keys. GateToken (GT) is the native cryptocurrency of the GateChain ecosystem, which includes the cryptocurrency exchange. The GateToken provides benefits such as zero commission rates per transaction fee and superfast processing times. The token was first launched in March 2020 and underpins the GateChain decentralized finance ecosystem. Traders can also use GT for short trading on the centralized exchange.

The transaction fees for the network’s liquidity pools can be set to lower than 0.17%. If you decide to trade GT tokens on any of the other popular exchanges you can expect a withdrawal fee of around 0.2% which is what charges. Even doe charges a 0.22 GT withdrawal fee other exchanges charge more than 4 GT. In addition, 5% of the repurchase profits will be used for GT R&D, marketing, and ecological promotion These GTs will never flow back to the market.

However, do keep in mind no crypto platform or network is completely secure. You should do some research on your own on GateChain before making your final decision if this is something you want to get yourself into or not. In the last several year’s cryptos have managed to draw a lot of attention to themselves because some tokens managed to have a great increase in price.

  • It started gaining a foothold in 2017 and claims the spot as an unlicensed but unique exchange.
  • The transaction fees for the network’s liquidity pools can be set to lower than 0.17%.
  • The next thing to look at is a fund deposit to make the final purchase which can be done using different payment methods.
  • A feature which separates GateChain is their Vault Account which allows you to get back your stolen funds.
  • GateChain (GT) is a next-generation public blockchain created by cryptocurrency exchange platform to promote on onchain asset safety and decentralized trading.
  • GateChain is one such public blockchain, offering top-level security and decentralized trading platform.

The network’s hardware wallet makes it possible for the users to make everyday trades and transfers while the network ensures your private key will always be stored within said wallet. You can also get your hands on some USDG stablecoins by depositing GT tokens as a collateral. GT is also used to pay transaction fees on the blockchain network and can be used as a tradeable cryptocurrency for global peer-to-peer payments. GT is currently not available for trade on Binance, although GT price is updated and available in real time on the cryptocurrency platform. Native token GateToken is the foundation support of the next-generation public blockchain, offering a wide range of functionality.

Gatechain Token Price (GT)

GateToken's current price is $ 5.18, it has dropped -0.4% over the past 24 hours. The price of GateToken reached its all-time high of $13.09 on 12th May 2021 during the year’s first strong Bull Run. The second altcoin season in November saw GT closing at a high of $8 on 11th November.

  • You can get the real-time information about GatChain on its official website (
  • GateChain was born in 2018 and is a new generation of high-performance public chain launched by
  • Since then, the exchange has enabled various trading alternatives, said to be enhanced by GT, which was first launched in March 2020.
  • GT is up 9.12% against Ethereum and up 10.70% against Bitcoin in the last 1 month.

Gate Token runs on the GateChain blockchain, which is a novel next-generation public blockchain, focused on on-chain asset safety and decentralized trading. It has a unique vault account which functions for handling abnormal transactions. By implementing a never before seen clearing mechanism, t tackles the challenging problems of asset theft ad loss of private keys. The network has decentralized governance and it manages to integrate with several public chains to offer more decentralized assets and products. The DEX is the core feature the network offers as it is a transparent exchange with high transaction throughput and fast block confirmation.

How Many GateTokens (GT) Are There in Circulation?

After primarily focusing on Bitcoin trading, Gatecoin rebranded its platform to in 2017. Since then, the exchange has enabled various trading alternatives, said to be enhanced by GT, which was first launched in March 2020. However, the token has uses inside the ecosystem such as holding and earning, votes, buyback programs, trading fee discounts, and gas payments. GateChain solves a lot of complex problems plaguing existing blockchain networks without compromising on any of its decentralized aspects.

Is GateChain a good investment?

The current price of GT is $3.80, a decline of 1.21% with a market cap of $360 Million. The Decentralized finance market has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Every Defi platform has managed to grow in popularity and the GateChain project has positioned itself well to reap those rewards. With all that being said, remember that the crypto world can be extremely volatile so it is no large surprise that experts are divided on the future of the platform.

GateToken GT Price $ 5.18

The entire consists of the GateChain Mainnet, GateChain DEX, GT, wallets, and more. It provides most of the sought-out services in the crypto world, which include impressive trading conditions, ETF trading and liquidity mining. GateToken forms the main component of the exchange or any other partner sites that it might have.

What is GateToken (GT)?

Most of the exchanges opt for official documentation which requires a valid ID and live photograph to complete the KYC. Know that every crypto platform has security measures in place, and GateChain is no different. Since the protocol and its tokens are used daily within the crypto community they are looked at as safe enough.

GT holders receive discounts on token purchases, exclusive offers, and perks across the exchange. GateChain is a combination of GateChain mainnet, GateChain Token (GT) wallets, and GateChain DEX, offering enterprise-grade safety and efficiency for digital asset storage. Some of the key features of the ecosystem include asset issuance, transfer/payment, asset safe storage, multi-signature, and POS staking reward. On-chain ecosystem is the key to the sustainable development of a public chain. GateChain is compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine); therefore any Ethereum-based smart contracts can be easily deployed to run on GateChain.

This is a rare protocol which guarantees 100% security of funds and has a mechanism with high performance and it is also fault tolerant. Another advantage is the hardware wallet which we mentioned earlier and it is called Fingerprint Hardware Wallet as it provides another layer of security for your funds. GateToken's current circulating supply is 99.16M GT out of max supply of 300.00M GT. The current yearly supply inflation rate is -8.41% meaning -9.11M GT were created in the last year. In terms of market cap, GateToken is currently ranked #11 in the Exchange Tokens sector.

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