Communication and Data Storage Platform

Data storage is a technology that ensures that large files are safe and accessible in the event of unanticipated technology glitches. It is essential to safeguard your business by backing up vital records to ensure the integrity of data stored in digital files. A good communication platform and data storage platform will provide you with the security features and reliability that your company requires.

Modern businesses produce huge amounts of information. This data must be transmitted efficiently, stored, and processed and securely. According to IT analyst firm IDC, 55.7 billion connected devices will be used by 2025, producing around 80 zettabytes of new data.

A data storage and communications platform is a software and hardware system that captures, manages the order of priorities, organizes, and delivers digital information. It can be used on-premises in edge computing environments or colocation facilities.

File storage, object-based storage and block-based storage are all forms of storage for data. File storage organizes data in a hierarchical structure and gives access to data via unique identifiers. Object storage is scalable, and can support unstructured data. It is an REST-based API. Block storage integrates several storage media into a single device that offers scalable performance and high reliability.

Prices, capacities and security features vary between storage options. Certain vendors, like Cisco, Dell EMC and HPE provide enterprise-level storage that combine various hardware, storage software and networking components into a single unit. Other vendors, like Drobo, iXsystems and QNAP provide all-flash or hybrid storage products.

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