Certified Secure Cloud Software Certifications

It's no surprise that professionals are searching for certified secure cloud software. These certifications will allow professionals to grow their careers and meet the needs of employers for security-savvy employees. With so many options it can be difficult to decide which certificate is the best one for your needs.

One of the initial steps to pursuing this type of certificate is to develop a solid foundation of IT and cybersecurity abilities. This can be achieved through online courses, bootcamps or even an academic degree. Professionals can then select the areas they want to pursue in their future work.

For example If they want to earn the CompTIA Security+ certification, they can demonstrate their knowledge of security concepts, architecture and design, cloud computing operations, and cloud security for data. If they're interested in working with Amazon Web Services, the market leader in cloud infrastructure can obtain the Amazon Web Services Certified Security Specialty certification. The certification focuses on identity and access management as well as data and infrastructure security, and conformity with the regulatory standards.

Another option is to pursue the GIAC Security Automation certificate (GCSA). This certificate is focused on the concept of the integration of security into DevOps processes, making it a perfect fit for software developers and architects who work in the cloud environment. It covers board portal solution cloud security basics and also an array of automated monitoring tools utilized in DevOps. Visit this GCSA page to learn more.

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