Business Development and Cyber Technologies

Cyber technologies and business development are two of the methods that can help businesses to grow and prosper. However, businesses need to implement these practices and systems cautiously and in a timely manner, since they are susceptible to cyberattacks.

Business Development

Business development involves finding new opportunities, establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, forming strategic alliances, and preparing plans to increase profits. These initiatives could affect every department in a company, from sales to marketing to human resources.

The right team is also crucial to the success of business development. Successful teams typically have leadership qualities and vision, as well as an ability to work with a diverse group of people. They are able to clarify points, establish acceptable deadlines, manage resources with care, and monitor the progress to ensure timely completion. They must also uphold the highest standards of morality, honesty and confidentiality.


Federal agencies have to continuously adjust their cybersecurity strategies in order to keep up with the speed of technological advancements. The same technologies that enhance the user experience can expose organizations to increased risks such as data breaches and malicious actions. Therefore, the government must balance the deployment of new technology with the appropriate risk-taking and train its employees.

Due Diligence

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