13 Ways to Run Successful Remote Meetings

Remote meetings are an essential aspect of collaboration, especially for teams that are distributed. If you don't follow the correct meeting http://www.boardmeetingonline.net/what-is-board-reporting-software etiquette and protocol, they could be less productive than in-person meetings. Virtual meetings can benefit from a variety of the same techniques used for in-person meetings to make them more effective and engaging. Here are 13 suggestions from Forbes Coaches Council members on how to organize an effective remote meeting

1. Use an agenda.

To avoid getting lost in the conversation, begin your meeting with a clear agenda. If you can, make an agenda with input from the attendees and present it at first.

2. Encourage everyone to speak out.

Some people aren't keen to take part in online meetings due to the fear of dominating the conversation or being interrupted. To combat this, think about using a specialized conference call microphone and camera that can help block out background noises and make everyone's voice heard equally. Make sure to ask questions or make comments after the meeting to ensure everyone is heard.

3. Focus on action items and follow up.

Too often, meetings leave with unclear action items and no clear follow-up plan. To combat this, agree on how actions will be documented and followed up at the beginning of the meeting, and then review them at the conclusion of the meeting. You can also schedule one-on-one follow-up meetings or another team meeting within a realistic timeframe.

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